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Typicaly you can reduce you homes energy usage by up to 20% by installing and using heating controls in an efficient manner. Heating controls now make even more sense with an SEAI grant of €400 available towards this work. Hometherm are registered contractors under the SEAI's Better Energy Homes scheme. Click here for grant details.

Heating controls can help you to accurately match your space heating and hot water schedules to the working and living patterns of your home i.e. when heat and hot water are required, it is there; when it is not, it is turned off.

As a minimum, your heating systems should be split into two independently controlled “zones”. They are your 'Space Heating Zone' and your 'Domestic Hot Water Zone'.  This allows you to heat your domestic hot wate with your boiler, without being forced to turn on your space heating. Additional zones can also be put in place in large homes to split upstairs and downstairs or living areas and bedrooms.

Based on figures from SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) the average cost of a single KWh of energy derived from Gas is 6.18 cent, from Oilis 8.39 cent and from electricity it’s more than double the price at 20.86 cent. (Figures accurate July 2012).

Do I need Heating controls?
You can do a quick check on your heating control requirements by answering the simple questions below. If you answer NO to all or the majority of the questions below, it would be highly beneficial for you to install some heating controls:

Heating Controls

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