Spray Foam Insulation

Hometherm are BASF approved Foam Masters. Hometherm install BASF's open and closed cell foams, Enertite & Walltite. Spray Foam is an extreamly versitile product for the insulation of new buidls and existing homes. We are always happy to talk you through the options for your particular project.

Open vs Closed Cell Foam Insulation. Which is better?

Open and Closed Cell Foam are differnt products with different properties, suited to different applicatons and both are excellent products for their own applicaitons.

Open cell is lightweight foam that is flexible, and an excellent air barrier. Closed cell foam is higher density foam, and a moisture barrier.

The main differences between open and closed cell foam are moisture permeability, R-Value, and flexibility. Closed cell foam is a moisture vapor barrier. What this means is that it will not allow moisture to pass through the foam. Open cell foam is not a moisture vapor barrier, and will allow moisture to pass. Closed cell has a higher R-value than open cell. R-value should not be the determining factor when it comes to spray foam. Both foams are air barriers, and it is the air barrier that makes foam such an excellent insulation.

Closed cell foam is more expensive than open cell foam.

Open cell foam is usually more suitable for residential applications because of its moisture permeability, or the ability for moisture to pass through the insulation. In most homes, roofs are constructed out of wood, and it is for this reason, moisture permeability, that open cell foam is typically, though not always used in homes.

Some typical applications for open and closed cell foam:
Enertite - Open Cell Foam
Walltite - Closed Cell Foam

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