Spray Foam Insulation - BASF Walltite - Closed Cell

Many Irish homes have slate or tiled roofs with no felf underneath the slates / tiles. Often these roofs suffer from nail fatigue, where over time the nails holding the slates rust, break and cause slates to slip and leads ultimately, to a leaking roof. Hometherm are approved installers of WALLTITE spray foam. WALLTITE is BBA (British Board of Agrement) approved for spraying directly onto slates and tiles. (BBA Certificate No. 11/4816)

Walltite when applied directly to the underside of the roof, bonds slates or tiles to each other and to supporting timbers, replacing the anchorage of fixing nails and significantly improving the strength and integrity of the roof.

In addition Walltite provides;

Insulation - Walltite is a speedy, efficient insulation solution coupled with significantly lower U-values than other conventional insulation materials. Walltite sprayed to an average depth of 150mm - 165mm achieves a U-Value of 0.18W/m²K . Attics insulated at rafter level reduce the risk of frozen pipes and water tanks in the attic. See graph to the right comparing insulation performance of Walltite to other common insulation materials.

Air Tightness - Walltite, seals any air gaps, providing air tightness and preventing the ingress of windblown snow and rain.

Complete bonding of roofs
Remove need for fixing nails – avoid nail fatigue
No slipping slates/tiles
Provide far greater resistance to storm and high wind damage
Sealing of all gaps in roof structure
Much less costly and disruptive than a re-roof

For more information on Walltite click here or to visit the Walltite website click here

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