External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

Service Overview

Hometherm use the Powerwall External Wall Insulation System.

The Powerwall External Insulation System is a cost effective and energy-efficient solution that insulates buildings from the outside. Insulation is more cost-effective when placed on the outside of a building, as it keeps the thermal mass of the concrete walls within the building envelope. It means that your walls will act as a thermal store by absorbing heat during the day and slowly releasing it at night.

The Powerwall system is composed of a mechanically fixed insulation board with reinforcing mesh, a basecoat and an outer finish coat. By wrapping your whole house with insulation board, you can stabilize the interior environment and eliminate thermal bridges.

There are an extensive range of finishes and coloured renders including; Dry Dash, Wet Dash, Scratch Render (Monocouche) & Smooth Sand Finish Acrylic.

An SEAI grant of up to €4,500 is available towards External Wall Insulation. Click here for details.

Hometherm Insulation are certified installers of the Powerwall External Insulation System. This system is NSAI approved and certified. NSAI Agrément Certificate No. 09/0341.